Cabbage Patch Kids Little Sprouts Cabbage Academy Play Set Playset

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School and imagination are always in session at Little Sprouts Cabbage Academy! All day long the classroom buzzes with oodles of learning and creativity. There’s a flip-up study hall to hang with friends! Time for recess. Head to the slide-out playground to shoot some hoops, zip down the slide, and kick up your feet on the real working swing! Schooltime is so much fun.

  • Includes Rare 1.5" Kid Figure - Pipe June
  • Includes 3 Play Areas: Flip Up Study Hall, Classroom and Slide Out Playground
  • Includes 6 accessories including 2 desks, 1 chair, globe, basketball and flipping easel!
  • 8 Fun features and play areas including opening lockers, math and spelling chalkboard, double sided easel, removable desks, real working swing, basket ball and net, removable slide and globe!