Our Generation Retro Hot Dog Cart

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Hot dog, hot dog! Get your hot dog! This adorable Retro Hot Dog Cart by Our Generation is the perfect place for your dolls to earn some extra cash or go and eat with their friends. Sized for 18" dolls. Dolls not included. Included: 1 Retro hot dog cart, 1 Umbrella, 2 Ice cube sets, 4 Cola bottles, 1 Chili hot dog with bun, 4 Plain hot dogs, 4 Hot dog buns, 4 Hot dog on bun with ketchup, 1 Hot dog on bun with mustard, 4 Food trays, 2 Pretzels with paper bags, 1 Lettuce container with lid, 1 Chili container with lid, 1 Cheese container with lid, 1 Relish container with lid, 1 Onion container with lid, 1 Mustard bottle, 1 Ketchup bottle, 1 Napkin holder with fabric, 1 Pair of tongs, 4 Coins of 5 cents, 4 Coins of 10 cents, 4 Coins of 25 cents, 6 Paper bills, and 1 Piece of chalk.  3 Years and up